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Fill your life with fragrance®

My Story

Our Scentsy Journey began after purchasing some wax and warmers at a summer event as a safe alternative to burning candles and we have never looked back. Shortly after that a friend introduced us to a local Consultant, and we began purchasing from her regularly.

We were intrigued to find Scentsy was a safe, flameless, soot free, wickless candle made of parrafin food grade wax; an alternative that made sense and we really liked it! The beautiful array of ceramic warmers and our first smells of the pleasant variety of scents had us hooked.

Lisa was unemployed due to an auto-immune illness that prohibits her from maintaining her career. She was also actively involved in her Fathers daily care as he lived with Dementia. For us joining Scentsy made sense; it gave us the flexibility to work around health & schedule issues and quick access to all our favorite Scentsy products.

We grew to love Scentsy more and more. We have watched friends build lucrative Scentsy businesses and change so many lives. Now we are doing the same.

Scentsy has become so much more than an income opportunity. We are developing friendships with people we would have never met while building our business with a First Class company that trains, mentors, and supports their Consultants.

Please join us, sign up to receive our monthly newsletter join us on Facebook. We would love to be your Scentsy Consultant or have you as part of our growing team as we grow locally and International.